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English Translation (under construction):

As an architect, me, like many, had the challenge that my income was very much dependent on the (construction) economy!

In search of a sustainable and largely non-cyclical second pillar, I decided after extensive examination, with the help of leading economists, for network marketing (also "recommendation marketing").


E-Commerce + Networking: Economic Trends of the 21st Century

How can I benefit from it? Am I suitable for this?

Just ask yourself these questions:

Have I ever recommended my favorite Italian to a friend and he was also a guest there?

Have I ever been so convinced of an online store that I recommended it with a "like"?

if "YES", meet the basic requirements for our simple and profitable income opportunity!

Referral Marketing:

Make your "Like" and your recommendation profitable for yourself!

sustainable economy "from person to person"

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Do you want detailed information? Just contact me!

Would you like to try risk-free products?

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I look forward to meeting you ! :-)
Klaus Heusinger